Endorsement management

Endorsement management

At the "Clients" tab, you will see all your clients and their policies listed.  Select the client and line of coverage you wish to provide endorsements. 

1. Select the endorsements from the alternatives shown in the section labeled "Policy Endorsement Management". Endorsements displayed are specific to the lines of coverage.  

2. Add endorsement language in the open field that appears below once the endorsement is selected.  Here you can establish pre-approved endorsement language that can be standard or specialized for each policy. All endorsement language will appear together in the "Description of Operations" section of the updated COI.

3. In the "Count" box enter the number of times the endorsement may be utilized by your client. A client can self-administer their own policy, if granted multiple or blanket endorsements.  This will allow agents to issue endorsements on a case-by-case basis or enable clients to self-administer within set restrictions. 

4. Upload endorsement documentation by selecting the blue upload icon (small cloud).  Any waivers or riders should be attached here.  They will be attached with any shared COI or insurance verification sent to the certificate holder.

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