Managing your client’s account

Managing your client’s account

Agents and brokers can manage their client’s Certificial account, and they can do it while still logged into their own account!

Some clients prefer their agent or broker manage all aspects of insurance - updating or adding new policies, responding to requests for COIs or policy verification, even requesting policies from others. 

On your "Clients" page, to the right of your client’s name will appear a small plus (+) sign.  By hovering your cursor over the plus sign, you will be invited To access your Client's account, right click on this link and open in private or incognito window.  Move the cursor to the highlighted link, right click your mouse and select “open link in incognito window”.  (Using Incognito Mode allows one computer to access Certificial as multiple users while avoiding potential conflicts.) 

The new window will open, and you will note that the profile on this account shows your client’s name, not your own.  You have stepped into their shoes and are operating directly in their Certificial account.

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