Missing Documents

Missing Documents

There are two methods for uploading documents into Certificial:

Blanket Endorsements:
Can be uploaded at the policy level by endorsement type. Documents will be made available each time you respond or share policy information and you decide at that time if you wish to share the documents with the certificate holder. 

NOTE: The benefit of this feature is updating the documents at anytime will automatically distribute them in the system and via email to anyone you have shared them with prior. 

One-Time Upload:
Documents can also be uploaded on the "Policy Selection" page during the response / share process. Launch the response process and upload documents using the cloud upload icon located on the far right of each endorsement. 

NOTE: If you need to add documents after you have responded to a request, you can launch the re-respond process using the below steps
  1. Select your Client 
  2. Click the "Manage Shares" button
  3. Select the Requestor / Certificate Holder you wish to provide documents
  4. Select the Re-respond check mark icon located on the far right to launch the re-respond process
  5. Add documents on the Policy Selection screen
    1. If you uploaded documents at the policy level (Blanket Endorsements) they will be available on this screen
    2. You can also uploaded documents using the cloud upload icon see on the far right of each endorsement 
  6. Follow the prompts to submit and save the updated information

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