Responding to incoming requests for insurance

Responding to incoming requests for insurance

When a request is received for your COI or insurance verification, you will be alerted by email and with an alert in the system.  By selecting the policy listed you will expand the frame and see the details of the request including requested coverage types, limits, and endorsements.  You can deny the request by selecting the X, if you are ready to provide your COI or insurance verification select the "Check" to open a new dialogue box with 4 simple steps.

  1. Policy Selection - Confirm that you are willing to provide the policy for the line of coverage requested.  Identify any related endorsements that you have been granted.
  2. Additional Documents – Attach any supporting documentation requested in order to respond to the request.
  3. Cert Holder Info – The Certificate Holder's details will automatically populate if they are registered Certificial Users, otherwise enter the Certificate Holders Name and Contact information as you would like it to appear on the COI.
  4. Summary - Before sending the policy to the Certificate Holder, confirm the details are correct.  You may generate a "Preview COI" to confirm how the actual certificate will appear. 

Your policy will be sent to the requesting Certificate Holder. They will receive an email with an updated, printable PDF version of your COI, or insurance verification. If the Certificate Holder is registered with Certificial, they will also be able to view and generate the COI or insurance verification on the system.

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