Responding to requests or policy verification

Responding to requests or policy verification

NOTE: Content covered in this article is available in video format. To access, log on as an Agent to the Certificial platform, launch the Guided Assistance on the left-hand side of the page and select <Agent Response Tutorial>.

Once you have approved your client’s policies in the system, you can respond to incoming requests for COIs or policy verification.  When an incoming request is received, you will be alerted by email and the system will show a pending alert at the top of the home page.  Those incoming requests will appear under the "Open Requests" tab on your home page.  Select the client with the pending request, their policies will be displayed.  Select the "blue check" icon above the policies on the right to respond to the request.

Policy Selection
Select the specific polices you would like to send.  You will also need to select any endorsements or exclusions associated with that policy.  You can upload any documents associated with the endorsement or exclusion, such as waivers of liability or additional insured forms.
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Additional Documents
Upload any documents that have been specifically requested by the 3rd party.  A list will be displayed showing additional documentation requested by the certificate holder.  Certificial accepts JPEG, JPG, PNG and PDF formats for documents.
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Cert Holder Info
The Cert Holder details will automatically populate if they are registered Certificial Users, otherwise enter the Cert Holder's name and contact information as you would like it to appear on the COI.  If you have not yet loaded a signature to your profile, you'll need to follow the instructions and upload a COI providing full details and required coverage to continue the response process.  (If you would like your client's Cert Holder to be able to generate a COI though the system, you will need to upload your signature to your profile.)
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Review the summary before sending the response to ensure that you have met all the requirements of the request.  You are now ready to send the response and attached, updated COI or policy verification.
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Your 3rd party requestor will receive an email with the attached COI in PDF format.  If registered with Certificial, that Certificate Holder will be able to monitor that policy on the system and confirm that the policy remains in compliance with their requirements.

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