Sharing your Clients' Policies

Sharing your Clients' Policies

An Agent can share their clients' policies by selecting the <Manage Shares> button on the Clients Page.  Select the desired client whose policies you wish to share.  Select the <Share Policies> button and a new window with 5 simple steps.

1. Select the party to receive the policies or certificate by searching the Certificial database or adding the entities' email address.  Select Next >
2. Choose which policies you would like to share, including an specific endorsement.  Select Next >
3. Add a Description of Operations or Special Conditions that you would like a appear on any generated Certificate of Insurance. Select Next >
4. Enter the Cert Holder information, if required, and add any additional documents you wish to accompany the policy.  Select Next >
5. Take a moment to review the policies before sending.  You may even preview & download the COI as it will appear by selecting the Eye Icon in the top right of the page.  Once satisfied with how the COI will appear - Select Share Policies.

The Intended recipient will receive an email with the certificate attached in PDF format and recipients that are registered on Certificial will also have the ability to view and monitor the policy on the Certificial platform
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